~ An Hour With You~

The summer sun glows red and hazy
Thru' the mist rolling in off the hill-
The velvet fawn grows fat and lazy
As from God's bounty-eats her fill.

Tomatoes hang, red and heavy-
Bending their strong green vine,
Corn tassels stand, tall and silvery,
Marching in a straight line.

Bell peppers-red, green and yellow,
Striking a fashion show pose-
Upstaging the dark green zucchini,
With it's showy yellow rose.

A Humming bird-a tiny winged jewel,
And a chartreuse butterfly,
Taste purple clematis-hugging a newel-
As a rainbow bunting flits by.

A golden honeybee sips the nectar
Of a white honeysuckle bloom,
While a black and yellow bumblebee
Prefers the spicy lavender broom.

Now, painting the sky in rays of magenta
The sun nods behind the hill--
This is the work of the Master Painter
That causes the heart to thrill.

This then-is what our Lord intended
That people should live off the land,
The end result is all colors blended--
All painted by the Master's Hand

Betty C. Daniels



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"Hook, Line and Summer" Greg Olsen

Graphic Set by Designer Lady

Music: "Summertime"[Stereophonics]

Sequenced By: George Cadero
Used With Permission