~An Hour With You~

Stairway to Heaven

A stairway to heaven
Covered in white and gold
An Angel at the bottom
With arms spread out in love

Welcoming all with Godís love
The rich, poor, happy and forlorn
For whoever loves his son, Jesus
Are welcome in his heavenly home

Reminding us our Heavenly Father
Is waiting with arms opened wide
Along with his beloved son, Jesus
At the top of the lovely gold and white
Stairway to Heaven

Showing and sharing the beauty
Of his great love and blessed home
While being surrounded by loved ones
Waiting for us lovingly to come home

©Donna Kramer
May 3, 2005






Designed by
Heavenly Angel

Music: I Believe

By: Norma Stephenson
Permission Granted

Assembled by: Donna