~ An Hour With You~

Itís time again for "Natures Spring Flare"
Flowers bud, and fragrance fills the air
Birds gather stems, weeds and sticks
Making nests . . . For new baby Chicks

A light and welcomed . . . Spring shower
Butterflies, flittering and fluttering about
Beeís buzzing . . . From flower to flower
Water shooting from a sprinkling spout

Squirrels Peeking, from their nesting places
Chipmunks skitter about, running to and fro
Winter removed, and all of its traces....
Dayís so bright, the earth seems aglow

Spring slowly begins Her awakening
Lots of sunshine and wonder each day
So awesome, the magic of . . . Springtime
Bursting with... Colorful prismatic display

Itís so wonderful having... Four Seasons
Enjoying the days, as they come and go
Spring and Summer, with pretty flowers
Fall and Winter, with its foliage and snow.

Judith Johnson Kypta©
Copyright 2005
Thank You Lord...For all that you give
To us to enjoy....Amen

Music:  "Je Sais Pas"
Diversi-Tuneô Midi Files
Sequenced By: Bill Basham
Used With Permission