~ An Hour With You~


Spiritual Eyes

Father as I sit and meditate
My mind and soul do await.
For the beauty You bring to me
Through spiritual eyes I see.

The brightness of Your Light
That brings Your beauty into sight.
Your fellowship is such a joy to me
I open my heart to Thee.

As I lift my hands to You
My heart You do renew.
Your Love You put into my soul
That's Your ultimate goal.

You touch the part of me
That is only made for Thee.
And never been touched before.
'Tis You that I adore.

Your Love is ever filling
Into my heart it's spilling.
As I call out for more
And widely throw open the door.

Dedicated to my Father God.

Scripture: 119: 48
My hands also will I lift up unto
thy commandments, which I
have loved; and I will meditate in
thy statutes.





Music: "Holy, Holy, Holy"
Lassen Technologies
Used With Permission