~ An Hour With You~

While walking through a valley,
Endless thoughts of yesterday,
My mind goes back to Jesus,
The words He had to say.

His love for me is endless,
Beside me when I stray,
His love is on the cross,
Our sins he choose to pay.

I look upon the mountain,
So small down here below,
Kneeling now in prayer,
His Spirit starts to flow.

Now, I'm on the mountain,
The Angels began to sing,
Colors of gold and jasper,
Flow softly from their wings.

Flowers in the distance,
Our eyes have never seen,
Love is all around me,
Is this real? Or just a dream?

I never want to leave here,
I'll stay down on my knees,
Soon to see my Father,
I know he will be pleased.

Tonya Bonstein©

Graphics © 2003

Midi playing "Just As I Am (1885)"
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