~ An Hour With You ~

I stand and look upon,
The house of my youth,
Growing up, learning life,
Recalling hurtful truth.

Sweet life is not guaranteed,
The ones we love are mortal,
Earthly lives are e'er fragile,
We pass to other portals.

Yet my emotions are stirred,
Like a dream fast and varied,
I remember the arms of love,
So gentle, as me they carried.

Dark shadows cover the happiness,
All thoughts lead to her death,
Like the house I look upon,
Falling into disarray's breadth.

I truly love this old house,
And the times thereof,
Even the passing of life,
Has severed not my love.

The gentle rain thus falling,
Is like the tears that fell,
When the Lord took His own,
Releasing a floodtide swell.

The time has approached to pack away,
Memories racing through my mind,
To another time and another place,
Where I've not been left behind.

I leave the sadden thoughts dispirited,
Walking away from this exanimate place,
Turning toward the present times,
Where tranquil thoughts I embrace.

Gayle Davis
April 12, 2005


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Music: "Memories"
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