~An Hour With You~

Sitting All Alone

Sitting here by myself all alone
Away from a very hectic world
Contemplating my whole life
Trying to fine spiritual answers

For a more fulfilling life
Thinking about all my life's choices
Some life choices were beneficial
Some life choices were destructive

Sitting here by myself all alone
Praying for things in my life to change
For life is a mixed learning experience
Filled with a multitude of choices

Given to us by our loving Father
To lead us on our journey home
For life is just a wonderful journey
To teach us Godís great love and compassion

Bringing special people into our lives
To help our faith and love grow
Knowing some people come and go
Some leave footprints on our hearts

Then God gives us some special friends
Friends that show his love forever
Now here I am sitting all alone
Praying and glorifying his name

For the marvelous things he has given me
The things that he has taken from me
And the fantastic things l have left
But mostly for Godís unconditional love

©Donna Kramer
March 25, 2005


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Music: All By Myself

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Granted


Assembled By: Donna