~ An Hour With You~


She Wants Me Out

She wants me out
No questions asked
I thought all the crap was over
It was all in the past

The times we fought
The many times I cried
Why canít we just say good-bye
I donít have time to cry

The pain is hurting me
Like cutting me with a knife
Please get over your self
Canít you and I just be friends

You were not there for me in the past
I knew the quiet would not last
I hate the games we always play
Itís time we sit together and pray

The day we can be mother and daughter
Also when we can be real friends
Instead of always being oppositions
Like we seem to be today

Just canít wait until the day comes
You rise up and give me a hug
Tell me youíre proud of me
Please let me know you love me
And that youíre impressed

Your love must be there
But I just canít seem to feel it
I do not like this feeling inside
Please show me you love me
I just need your love so much

The hurt and pain just needs to stop
So let me leave this room
This house you call your own
I promise I will call you on the phone

Letís close this chapter
Letís burn this darn old book
I want to be me and happy
I need to grow and be on my own

Someday I pray for a new chapter
When we will not fight anymore
That we will both grow and be friends
I just canít wait till the tables turn

The day we can love each other
We can hug and kiss each other
And end up being each others
Very, very best friends

I love you Mom, with all my heart
Please love me with all of yours
For now I am grown up
I really could use a very best friend

Ashley Kramer
June 18, 2005






Designer unknown for this graphic
Would love to give credit.

Music: Music Of The Heart

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission



Assembled by: Donna