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~ An Hour With You~

Secure In Jesus

So I'll struggle along Lord your will I'll do
Life is not easy, but Lord I have You
The times I could not walk alone,
You reached down and carried me along.

I know Lord it is all part of Your great plan
I've been kept by Your mighty strong hand
And so someday You will come for me,
You are the great I Am, You whisper to me.

You are my comfort, my guide and strength
You have always been my sufficient friend
You cradle me in Your strong loving arms,
Wrap me in love and...shelter without end!

Someday we'll fall down at the feet of Jesus
We'll lay all our heavy burdens down
Forever more living with Jesus above,
Oh, it will be grand resting in His love.

Down here we suffer many heartaches
So often we long to rest in His arms
The body pain is more than we can bear,
How wonderful someday with Jesus to share.

I don't understand the pain I've been through
Each time "I cried Lord", Your embrace, I felt
Many times I asked You to take me home,
You whispered, "Carry on," you are not alone.

Some days are so weary Lord, I feel all alone
The pain and hurt just brings me down low
But Lord, You promised you will not leave,
And I thank You for your goodness to me.

Bernice Ward©
2005 Copyright

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Music: "Nothing Can Compare"

By: Rick Founds and Elton Smith
Used With Permission