~An Hour With You~

The Bible is only a book,
And through it you may look.
At the pictures and pages,
That have been there through the ages.

Yes it's only a book,
To those who have not partook,
Of the Holy Spirit that's within
And been shown their sin.

I opened it many a time,
Not knowing what I'd find.
Not knowing there was life,
That it was as sharp as a knife.

Cutting asunder, to the bone,
To draw me, to bring me home.
To the One whom I adore,
And will dwell with forevermore.

Yes I looked into the book,
And of the Spirit I partook.
As the scales fell away from my eyes,
This blessed Book came to Life!

November 7, 2004

2nd Timothy 3: 16~17
All scripture is given by inspiration of
God, and is profitable for doctrine, for
reproof, for correction, for instruction
in righteousness: That the man of God
may be perfect, thoroughly furnished
unto all good works....

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Music: "Amazing Grace"
The Duchess
Sequenced By: Don Carroll
Used With Permission