~ An Hour With You~
Image used by Edmund Blair-Leighton
English Pre-Raphaelite Painter, 1853-1922

As I stand here, I see you and me,
Iíll try to be more strong darling,
My heartís so filled with thoughts of our love,
Youíre all of me, my everything.

Our love has the beauty of this rose,
Iím holding it so close to me,
My heart soaks in everything thatís you,
My darling we just are to be.

Smothered with the fragrance of roses,
Iím reminded of your sweet smile,
My heartís filled with the passion of you,
I need you if only awhile.

Our loveís missed in this rosy garden,
I look for that wonderful face,
My heart flows currents of you through me,
My darling I want your embrace.

When I walked through our garden slowly,
Your reflection stood strong in light,
My heart was dazed that instant in time,
You opened the gate in my sight.

Our love waiting holds bloom like this rose,
Full and romantic Ďbout to burst,
My heart knows God has blessed us as one,
My darling you know how we thirst.

Iím thankful Godís with us at all times,
His angels keep watch with His care,
My heart aches but youíre protected well,
I love you and Yes, youíre my prayer.

©Sondra McPherson
March 19, 2005


Music: "I'll Love You Forever"©

Original Composition By: Mel Webb©

Used With Permission