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I'm on my way to somewhere,
It's the path that I must choose,
For if I take the wrong way,
It's my soul that I will lose.

Sometime into the future,
A time we cannot see,
There will be a day of reckoning,
For the likes of you and me.

For we were all created,
In God's image most profound,
But God left it to our very selves,
To choose what we had found.

Throughout all of the ages,
He has sent His Spirit through,
Those chosen then to guide us,
To a path of righteousness so true.
Be careful whom you choose though,
As your guiding role,
There are evil there amongst them
Who will sell your very soul.

Mankind has freely chosen,
To choose a path of sin,
So God sent His Son down to us,
That we could live again.

His Son did undertake to,
Show us the rightful way,
The path to sit beside God,
When we reach that final day.

The Son chose crucifixion,
Then conquered death to prove,
If we chose to follow Him always,
Towards Heaven we would move.
After His Ascension,
Back to His Father's home,
He never did forsake us,
Nor leave us all alone.

For now we have the Father,
And the promise made to me,
The Son and Holy Spirit,
To help through life's journey.

Seek guidance from them always,
You'll find serenity,
At peace with yourself always,
Is the only way to be.

We also have our Bible,
It is God's Holy Book,
So if feeling down and desperate,
Take time to have a look.
The words therein that written,
Were guided by God's hand,
To show us what He wants for us,
And what he always planned.

Sit quietly in reflection,
Sometimes offer up a prayer,
Although you may fail to see it,
Your God is always there.

On my journey through this lifetime,
So many marks I see,
But the greatest mark that I have found,
Is the one God left for me.

So I'm on my way to somewhere,
It's the path that I did choose,
That pathway unto Heaven,
My soul I will not lose.
Dark Blue Knight
6th February 2005
All Rights Reserved


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