~An Hour With You~


No Beginning, No End

There’s no beginning, no end
In the love you’ve shown to us
The enormous heart you open wide
Filled with love, compassion and care

There is no greater love at all
That can ever fill our world
Than the love you give us all
There’s no beginning, no end

I know you love us unconditionally
While we kneel here, beside our beds
Thanking you for your love and protection
You are our Holy Father, you are our life

As we kneel here in prayer, by our beds
Praying the prayer, Our Father to you
I know your love for us will grow
As our love will multiply for you

So thank you Father, for all your love
The protection and love you’ve given
Reminding us of your undying glory
Letting us know there is no beginning
And promising us, there will be no end

©Donna J. Kramer
March 15, 2005



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Designed By: Heavenly Angel

Music: I Believe

By: Norma Stephenson
Permission Granted



Assembled By: Donna