~ An Hour With You~


Today I walk in the footprints,
Of the Christ of Calvary,
For He saved my soul from sin,
And set my spirit free.

Today I walk the road for Jesus,
My Lord and coming King,
Today I sing new melodies
In all new songs I sing.

I am traveling a road to glory,
Where the angels sing on high,
On the footprints that will never fade,
And my heart is full of joy.

I need not fear if I stumble,
For Jesus walks with me,
To guide me in His footprints,
To lead where I canít see...

Come walk with me in the footprints,
Turn your life from sinking sand,
Then you will never walk alone,
Come seek the Masterís hand.

Ann Hart©
May 18th 03

Music: "Prayer"

Original Composition
By: Yuko Ohigashi
Used With Permission