~An Hour With You~

A snowstorm on the 18th~~~
A tornado on the 30th~~~
Iowa weather,
There is nothing in the world
Quite like it~~~~

Nature's Intentions

Four foot snowdrifts in the yard
Snow piled high off the parking lots
Winter white after the Ides of March
Springs s'posed to be here, has God forgot???

Warmth zooms up from Texas
Suddenly we find
that snow is melting
As if by some great design.
Temperatures rise to 50-60-72~~~
Now my back yard resembles a pool.

Sunshine disappears behind a dark cloud,
Sirens begin blowing so long and so loud,
Wind rain and hail, the size of golf balls
Tornadoes are being reported,
It'll be this way until fall~~~~

When Snow will again blanket
the dried grass in the yard.
Ahhh Iowa Weather~~~~
makes living here kind of hard.

But never, ever boring.


First tornado spotted today
Just about six miles away
Too close to make me feel comfortable


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Music: "Spring"
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Composed and Performed
By: T. J. Moir
Used With Permission