~ An Hour With You~

In the summer of nineteen forty-seven,
We got the old Chevy in shape.
Our family of five left Arizona
Bound for Georgia our home State.

It wasn't long until we had to stop,
After that the battery wouldn't start,
Back of the old Chevy the family got,
Next stop, "Push" a battery to outsmart.

Many things happened to slow us down,
One thing I remember quite well.
It was late one night the old Chevy died,
That road wasn't the place to dwell.

Before long there would be a bad accident,
We prayed for safety not luck,
When all of a sudden out of no place,
A man came along in a truck.

Waved to us but never said a word,
Right in front of us he drove,
Quickly hooked us up with a long chain,
Into an old churchyard we were towed.

We got out of the car to thank him,
He wasn't any place to be seen,
It was just as if he had vanished,
We stood as though in a daydream.

He had to be an Angel sent from God,
To save us from an awful crash.
It was many hard days of travel left,
With God's mercy, we made no news flash!

At last we made it home in the old Chevy,
Dad saw us and said, "Well finally!
Yes, under all that grim and grease,
It is My Son and his family."

 Codell Donehooİ




İUltimate Designs Graphics,2003-2005

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