~ An Hour With You~


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You are my Delight.
You are my Light.
Since the day You came
I've not been the same.

The Life You brought to me
'Tis there for all to see.
A new person I am.
To You I am bound.

You are my desire.
You never tire,
Of my love for you.
You always remain true.

You are perfect, Lord.
My sin You have cured.
You took it while on the cross.
Your life on earth it cost.

Willingly You gave.
Willingly I receive.
'Tis the only way
Your Word does say.

To be 'Born Again'
And free from sin.
A love beyond compare
With me You do share.

Lord, May I ever be
A reflection of Thee.
Your Love, may I show.
To others may it ever flow.



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Music: "You Opened My eyes"

By: Elton Smith, Larry Holder and Steve Israel
Used With Permission