~An Hour With You~

My Best Friend

I have a best friend
She lives deep inside of me
Helps me when I am down and out
Always shows me she cares

Sometimes I put her down
Instead of raising her up
She seems to be so lonely
But she never lets it show

Many people think she has it all
But itís what they donít see
Or hear that makes her heart hurt
Always feeling lonely and lost

She pretends to be what she is not
It is easier for her that way
To hide the hurt and pain inside
Makes it easier for her to survive

She smiles instead of crying
Crying most of the time
But most of the times she just dreams
Of the way she wants her life to be

Who is my best friend, you say
She is a quiet, lonely little girl
Who hides her heart and feelings inside
Praying someday someone will care

Praying someday she can love herself
But until that day can come
She will remain that lonely
Bashful, quiet little girl

Ashley Kramer
June 18, 2005







Music: From This Moment

Sequenced by Jack Hall
Permission Granted



Assembled By: Donna