~ An Hour With You~



Mother Of Mine

M other...Memories are held in my heart
O ver the years...You were my best friend
T houghts of you, cause tears to start
H ands were entwined...Until the end
E each day, you are remembered with a smile
R icher am I, having had you for my Mother

O h...Just to see you, but for a little while
F or love like yours, I can't get from another

M indful of your love and grace
I  never knew you as anything but ....Sweet
N ow you are living in "Gods" special place
E njoy Mother dear, again we will meet......

Judith Johnson Kypta©
Copyright © 2005


Artwork:  Sunshine and Shadow
by Frank Benson

Music: "Jessie, The Flower of Dunblane"
Taylor's Traditional Tunebook
"Midi files sequenced by Barry Taylor."
Used With Permission

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