~ An Hour With You~

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With my head laying softly against her
Feeling so protected and secure
Stored away....As thoughts remembered
........Of my Mother, whom I adore.

With arms so firm and loving
She’d hold, and rock me to sleep
As I drifted off to “Slumber land”
A watchful eye....She'd keep

Remembering times, as I was growing
Her image.....Always there to recall
Feeling a love so deeply devoted
I understood, even though so small

Years passed......One after another
With things of life, and such
Yet mixed with so many memories
Remains, the Mother.....I love so much

Allowing.....Just enough freedom
To venture out on my own
Still not severing that invisible cord
Until she felt I had fully grown

Always there, within my reach
With a smile, or to wipe my brow
So many lessons.....She did teach
While helping through trial after trial

She knew when it was time to “Let go”
As I explored life on my own......
Standing quietly, in the background
The love and pride in her eyes.....Shone

I give thanks to my Lord, up in Heaven
For providing this extension of His love
Knowing a Mother would nourish and care
For her children.....Sent from above

I know as I venture forward
From one stepping stone to another
I’ll never glean from another source
The “Unconditional” love of my Mother

Judith Johnson Kypta©
Copyright © 2005

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Music: "More Than A Friend"

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