~ An Hour With You~

I took a drive along a lonely, lovely lane,
To see my Mom, I’m melancholy to be going back again.
Memory speaks of a table full of goodies~~~tried and true.
Fresh coffee, hugs and kisses, and a lot of

So much I had to tell her, so much wisdom sought,
My new career and changes in my life had wrought.
Looking into her eyes, I realize the pain I’ve put her through,
And yet she greets me with a sigh, “Oh Baby,
I Love You.”

“Come rest a spell, and tell me all that you learned,
Did getting far away from home bring all for which you yearned?”
“Are you happy, Baby, do you feel “Really Blessed?”
“Can you, in your heart-of-hearts say “You have done your best”?

“Have you found a man you truly Love.
And does he realize,
The joy of sharing with you
Passion that touches the skies?”
“My only wish has always been your happiness,
I’ve prayed that you have been Truly Blessed
With someone to grow old with
Who will stand time’s awesome test.’

“Oh Mom”, I said, “I’ve tried so hard to make you proud of me.
I’ve made some mistakes, but all in all,
I’m happy, don’t you see.
I wish we’d had this talk, Mom, before
God took you away.
I made this trip home to see you Mom,
Because it’s Mother’s Day”.

Brushing off her stone, slowly I turn to walk away
I guess that I have said all that I came to say.
I turn my car back along that lovely lonely lane,
And as I go, I’m humming Mom’s sweet refrain.


Artwork by artist Auguste Toulmouche 1829-1890

Music: "Her Dream"

Original music By: Mel Webb©
Used With Permission