~ An Hour With You~


Dawn begins, and there is a misty fog over the brook,
All is silent, not even a ripple in the water below
A serenity that is like none other; peace fills the air.
The day is beginning to open as the sun begins to glow.

The minutes go by, and ever so gently the fog will fade
But the blessings of the day have begun with a special peace
A time to let the mind rest and think of all God's love.
A time of renewal, letting the mind begin fresh and problems release.

Just for a while;
...those special moments of the day are needed
A tranquil time of gathering thoughts,
A time of giving loving thanks to the Father,
Splendor of the early morning,
....and then the day goes forward.

November 14, 2004









Music: "Hope"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission