~An Hour With You~

Mommy, Daddy Iím Home

Oh, Mommy, Daddy Iím home
Iím swinging on Godís rainbow
Dancing on His fluffy white clouds
I have wonderful friends just like below

Godís Beautiful angels sing to us
Starting at the early break of dawn
Lovely soft sweet melodies
While all the pretty birds sing along

I was met by my precious Father
Who has been waiting in heaven for me
Oh, Mommy they have so much love
Their kindness you would not believe

The grass up here is much greener
Flowers in lovely colors so bright
Which on earth we have never ever seen
Stars twinkle, even when itís not night

You never, ever could image
The beauty someday you all will see
For God made things in heaven
Extra special for His children you see

Mommy, Daddy just want to tell you
You donít have to worry about me
Iím safe in Jesusí loving arms
Where I know someday, you will be

Just want to remind you both
I will be loving and watching over you
Until God brings you safely home
I will be right here, waiting for you

©Donna Kramer
June 2, 2005



Sometimes Our Children Drop A

Feather To Let Us Know They Are Near



Music: I Believe

By: Norma Stephenson
Permission Granted


Assembled by: Donna