~An Hour With You~



Soon there will come a time
When shopping at any store
You won't need to carry money
It won't be accepted anymore

If you read the book of Revelations
It is explained there very well ....
If a person "Doesn't" have the Mark
They won't be able...To buy or sell

Unless you have the "Mark of the Beast"
On your forearm...Or forehead
It will be hard to exist on earth
Causing many problems and dread

The bible warns against The Mark
For it will cause damnation
If accepted, you'll not be present
At God's heavenly celebration....

If you read "Revelations" it states
Christ our Lord will soon return
And the people who have taken
"The Mark of the Beast"
Will join Satan...in Hell to burn!

Judith Johnson KyptaŠ
Copyright 2004/Revised 2004

Revelations 19:20
And the Beast was taken and with him the False Prophet
That wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived
Them that had received "The Mark of the Beast" and them that worshiped his image,
these both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.
Refer also to: Revelations 20:4

Artwork: by Leonardo Da Vinci

Music: "The Piper of Dundee"
Taylor's Traditional Tunebook
"Midi files sequenced by Barry Taylor."
Used With Permission