~An Hour With You~

Lovely Elizabeth

Gentle soft and tender Elizabeth
Sweet as she can possibly be
Light of her dear motherís heart
Her motherís best friend too, you see

Little and delicate like a gentle flower
Swaying in the soft gentle breeze
Like a beautiful Earth Angel
Being kind to everyone she sees

Does wonderful things for others
With pure gentle love in her heart
Where her unconditional love vibrates out
From the deep down love in her heart

Little and precious, as a cute little button
Pretty and sweet as grandmaís apple pie
Hair as black as the midnight sky
With a gentle twinkle in her eyes

Lovely little Sweet Elizabeth
So very special in every way
Shows everyone her love of God
And His Son Jesus every single day

©Donna Kramer

Dedicated To
Elizabeth and Sondra
With All My Love





Music: The Wind Beneath My Wings

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Granted



Assembled By: Donna