~ An Hour With You~


Love is a mysterious thing,
To your heart it will cling
If you will open your heart
Give it a chance to start.

Its fellowship is so sweet
Can knock you off your feet.
Send your heart soaring
Into it ever pouring.

Our heart holds different loves
Mate, Children, and God above.
Each intertwine with the other
Brother, Sister, Dad, and Mother.

The love of a mate
Is oh so great.
Renders you tender
As you do surrender.

Love for a son
Is mostly fun.
Keeps you on the go,
From the heart it flows.

Love for a Daughter is so sweet
Into your heart they will retreat
As a magnet, draw your love
Made in heaven up above.

The love of a friend
Is a God send.
A chosen love
Coming from above.

But Love for Jesus is the best
It brings all the rest!
Love for Him is an awesome Love
That also was prepared up above!

Thank you Jesus for the
Love you have given to me.
Your life you gave
For me to be saved.

A greater Love's never been
Than this that God did send.
Preparing You to take my place
Thereby giving me Love's Grace.

June 6, 2005

Scripture From: 1 Corinthians 13

Though I speak with the tongues
of men and of angels, but have
not love, I have become sounding
brass or a clanging cymbal. And
though I have the gift of prophecy,

and understand all mysteries and
all knowledge, and though I have
all faith, so that I could remove
mountains, but have not love,
I am nothing.


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Music: "My Romance - Rev. 2"

Sequenced By: Les Gorven
Used With Permission