~ An Hour With You~

Search for sweet astonishing ways,
When love’s endless melody rings,
She’s in an unexpected daze,
Bedazzled with love her heart sings.

Be in the ever crowning dream,
Love’s endless melody so blest,
Bid the magic of love agleam,
How it tranquilizes the best.

Gaze upon her face and then see,
Love's endless melody bides now,
Playing a harp in reverie,
Eyes closed, sweet smile’s upon her brow.

Await the majestic castle,
Oh ‘tis love’s endless melody,
Love baubles dangle like tassels,
As she listens feeling carefree.

Love is memorable and magic,
Always and forever to be,
One’s soothing behavior's classic,
Again love's endless melody.

Jubilance peals of fantasy,
Aspiring love brandishes in air,
Chimes ring out and bells toll their mark,
Love’s endless melody lives there.

Sondra McPherson
©June 14, 2005


The painting used to create this set is called
"Minerva's Melody" by
Josephine Wall.  Used with permission.

Copyright of Lil Kitty
Floater java script courtesy of Kurt Grigg.

Music: "On A Distant Day"

Composed by: Bill Sandy - Mystifying Music
Copyright 2002 - All Rights Reserved
Used With Permission