~An Hour With You~



Music: "Whimsically Playful"

Original music By: Mel Webbİ
Used With Permission


Let's have a talk,
You and me,
I won't tell on you,
You don't tell on me.

I will pretend,
That I don't know,
Who broke the plant,
So it will not grow.

You keep mum,
About the milk I spill,
And the cookie crumbs,
On the window sill.

You can lap up the milk,
And eat the cookie residue,
You cover up for me,
And I will cover for you.

We can have a good time,
Play a lot of fun games,
When things go wrong,
We won't tell who's to blame.

When you need to romp about,
Well, you just do your thing,
I will pretend I am a puppy,
And I will play the same.

You really are a cute one,
This I just have to say,
You sure do make me giggle,
With your slobbery tongue display.

I know you don't like a bath,
But I love to get in the tub,
Maybe we can bathe together,
With a happy rub-a-dub.

Well sweet little puppy,
That's all I have to say,
Now we understand the rules.
Lets go ahead and play.

Gayle Davisİ
June 13, 2005