~ An Hour With You~

I see a beautiful angel from Heaven,
In her hands she holds two doves,
She's dressed in a flowing gown of white,
Symbolic of God's precious love.

A glowing halo rest upon her head,
Peacefulness emits from her face,
Tranquillity is this heaven's angel,
Surrounded by Christ's serene grace.

Just a glimpse of what awaits us,
Among the clouds, we too can stand,
Filled with the halcyon beauty of God,
Oh, reach for His outstretched hand.

He awaits in a beautiful mansion,
Streets are paved with purest gold,
Angels will greet us at the doorway,
Jesus stands at Heaven's threshold.

He is patiently watching and waiting,
While His angel beckons us on,
Our Lord and wonderful Savior,
The King of Heaven's great throne.

Gayle Davisİ
June 11, 2005




Music: "Angels Watching Over Me"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission