An Hour With You~*~Lady Mystery~*~
~ An Hour With You~


Lovely to gaze upon she ponders,
As her thoughts cast eyes on just one,
A bright starlight floating by brings life,
Alone is she under the sun.

She too desires freedom but her way,
Ne’er to succumb to only one,
On her bed of satin she does gird,
Playing with starlight bright as sun.

Her face is a natural stunner,
Showing whodunit mystery,
In her heart loyalties seem strengthened,
Mulling o’er the old cattery.

Glazed eyes appearing to be fixed say,
A Lady Mystery is she,
Graced as fine on her bed of satin,
One day she’ll spark cat history.

©Sondra McPherson
May 25, 2005

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Music: "Playing With Starlight"

Composed by: Bill Sandy - Mystifying Music
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