~ An Hour With You~


Itís Mothers Day in Heaven,
Thatís where I long to be,
To see again that Precious One,
Who gave my life to me.

I close my eyes, I see you now,
You are nevermore alone,
In pure white angel splendor,
Dancing Ďround Godís throne.

Itís Mothers Day in Heaven,
I wonder do you see me now,
Praising the Lord and living my life,
The way you showed me how.

My dear Mother, I miss you so,
But I know it just canít be,
To see you again on Godís green earth,
Would be so selfish of me.

Itís Mothers Day in Heaven,
And Oh! I still love you so,
The love of God you instilled in me,
Just continues to grow and grow.

But when the sun sets in my own life,
And I wake on yonder shore,
Then when itís Mothers Day in Heaven,
Iíll long for you no more.

Miriam Price©


Music: "God Hear My Prayer"
Jalal's Original Musical Compositions
Composed and Sequenced by Jalal Ali
Used With Permission