~ An Hour With You~

This beautiful image is Copyright 2005 İKathy Ostman-Magnusen  


In the darkness I sit, still and lonely,
Memories crowd my reluctant mind,
I hesitate to think for fear of crying,
Life can be so cruel and unkind.

You were always beside me.
Seems like only yesterday,
You vowed ne'er to leave me,
Yet death stealthy took you away.

I rather not have a memory,
Than to be in the grasp of recalling,
I can't face the new tomorrow,
These memories are continually stalling.

I do not want to see the light of day,
The darkness is better for me,
It hides the sadness enveloping my soul,
These abject eyes yearning for thee.

Leave me Oh dreaded memories,
Haunt not my mind this way,
Needed rest is infinitely elusive,
For in my mind your thoughts stay.

Your words of love are not consoling,
Remembered arms of gentleness burn,
My mind is recklessly reeling,
Yet these memories continue to return.

Oh death why did you beckon,
My love, why did you follow its call,
I am so despondent and lonely,
My heart your memories thrall.

Gayle Davisİ
April 19, 2005


Music: "I Can't stop Loving You"

Sequenced By: Les Gorven
Used With Permission