~ An Hour With You~

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I still see the night Jesus took you,
I hear you telling me goodbye,
You said you were going Home that night,
I loved you saying no and cried.
I couldnít hear what you were saying,
You had another day then home,
I remember holding you closer,
And brushing your hair with a comb.
I still see your eyes gently searching,
Mother, you were too young to go,
I didnít realize what you meant,
Wasnít prepared, I loved you so.
See, you were to come home the next day,
You received healing from Jesus,
No I didnít understand then why,
I just wanted you home with us.
I still see your lovely face always,
Oh I miss the sweet touch of you,
I know now why Jesus took you Home,
It wasnít your time, yet He knew.
Remember Mother I love you so,
Your love and sweet fragrance remains,
We all cry with just the thought of you,
Jesus soothes our hurt and sustains.
Even though the years have passed us by,
This hurtís eíer the same, I still see,
You walking across our backyard,
Oh Happy Motherís Day would be!
©Sondra McPherson
April 19, 2005

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