~ An Hour With You ~



I dreamed I went to heaven,
And sang around the throne,
I dreamed I met the angels,
And friends I knew from home.

They all looked very happy,
Their faces full of joy,
No look of sorrow on each face,
They lit up just like the sky.

And then I saw my Jesus,
The Shepherd of all lambs,
Then I knelt down at His feet,
Oh such peace and calm.

All my anguish then vanished away,
A brand new body was mine.
I was clothed in heavenly garments,
That was breathtaking and divine.

I clung to Jesus with my life,
He was glad to see me there,
I knew He was not pretending,
For I could feel no fear.

He told me then I must go back,
My time was not yet due,
Donít despair my precious child,
I will come back for you.

It was there I awaken in my bed,
And my heart was oh, so sad,
For I remembered seeing heaven,
And oh the joy I had.

Then Jesus softly spoke to me,
I will guide you all the way,
Until that time I come for you,
And bring you home to stay.

Ann Hart©
Aug 29th, 04
Thank You Jesus





Music: "Just A Closer Walk With Thee"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission