~An Hour With You~

Real love did come our way at last,
The dreams in our hearts did come true,
I know it was love at first sight,
I値l spend my life so loving you.

When you held me close days before,
I thought to myself here we are,
Then I saw the look on your face,
I値l spend my life waiting afar.

Our love is over I know now,
Yet you still take my breath away,
How will my heart go on living,
I値l spend my life praying you値l stay.

I need you so much my heart aches,
And I can稚 believe you are gone,
How could you leave me just like that,
I値l spend my life living our song.

And I'll dream of the love we shared,
So true, so real to me were you,
Will you think of me one more time,
I値l spend my life dreaming you do.

Oh, we sealed with a kiss our love,
Why Oh Why couldn稚 we just be,
I still keep you close in my heart,
I値l spend my life longing, you値l see.

Why couldn't you be true to us,
How could you think I wouldn't know,
You took our dreams, all my love too,
I'll spend my life, seeing you go.

ゥSondra McPherson
April 30, 2005




Music: "I'll Spend My Life"

Composed by: Bill Sandy - Mystifying Music
Copyright 2002 - All Rights Reserved
Used With Permission