~ An Hour With You~

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I'll Spend An Eternity

I'll spend an Eternity
Standing along beside you
Always watching over you
For my love for you is unconditional

I promise I will be with you always
When you’re at the top of the mountain
There with you in the valley of life
For it is in the valley you grow

Grab my hand my beautiful child
While you are walking in the valley
For I will never let you walk alone
Remember I have loved you
Before you were even born

For your life on earth, my child
Is only a blink of my eye
But your life with me in heaven
Will be forever, it will be an eternity

You will live among beauty
Beyond any mortals imagination
Seeing my face, your father, God Almighty
And my magnificent son, Jesus Christ

For I shall spend an eternity
Loving and caring for you
Until it is time for me
To bring you home to live

With me and my son in paradise
Remember we'll spend an eternity
Loving you my sweet child
Until you come home to paradise

Donna Kramer
March 28, 2005

Copyright by Danny Hahlbohm
All Rights Reserved by the Artist



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Music: "I Believe"

By: Norma Stephenson
Used With Permission