~ An Hour With You~

His eye is on the sparrow
His hand is upon my soul,
I walk straight and narrow,
Heaven is my destined goal.

He gave His life for me,
His love knows no bounds,
It reaches the highest peaks,
It touches the lowest grounds.

My Lord is always there,
He walks with me each day,
His guiding hand leads me,
Each step along the way.

When I am down in spirit,
He lifts me, filling my heart,
Love swirls inside of me,
Sweet comfort He imparts.

Oh yes,  His eye is on the sparrow,
He cares for all His creations,
God has instilled in my heart,
A loyal and loving foundation.

I live for the time to come,
When Jesus takes me by the hand,
"Come my child, your work is done",
Eagerly,  I answer His command.

Gayle Davisİ
May 18, 2005


Music: "His Eye Is On The Sparrow"
(Words and Music By Charles Gabriel)
Sequenced by Redsal, Sal Grippaldiİ
Redsal's Midis
Musician, Composer, Digital Sequencer
Used With Permission