~ An Hour With You~


Oh...how exciting it can be
When preparing for a vacation
Thoughts running through our minds
With a feeling of elation .....

We carefully plan all our days
As we pack and re-pack our bag
Preparing for that great trip
Even anticipating...jet lag

We’re off to enjoy pleasures
And customs of other lands
A time of sunny fun filled days
Frolicking in the sands ........

We feel content and calmness
For the rest...We have in store
A time to get away and relax
When we just can't take anymore

Soon enough...it's time to go home
Back to the drill and grind ....
Our vacation , being a memory
Of good times, we left behind

Now...imagine going on vacation
That never comes to an end
An eternity of continual elation
No worries...with nothing to tend

The climate could never be better
With comfort.... Beyond Compare
Sharing such a fruitful existance
With light and love everywhere

We wouldn't be pressured to hurry back
To the complexities, of life on earth
We would exist in the heavenly place
That we were destined to ...since birth

So don't consider your time of death
An end to lifes celebration .......
Think of it as a "Wonderful Start "
To the ultimate heavenly vacation!

Judith Johnson Kypta
Copyright 2004
Revised 2005


Music: "Bonnie Kellswater"
Traditional Irish Folktune
Sequenced by Barry Taylor
Used With Permission