~ An Hour With You~

June 14, 2005

Oh Happy Birthday sweet girl friend,
What a blessing to all you are,
I know you'll receive lots of love,
Oh Yes, today you are the 'star.'

Enjoy yourself, just be happy,
Relax and rest your hands awhile,
Listen to birthday music ring,
Smile your beautiful smile in style.

Blessed Friend how are you,
Birdies are talking don't you know,
Age they surely aren't telling,
In your looks it does not show.

Happy Birthday my lady,
Treasured friend indeed,
May God continue to bless you,
I know your life He does lead.

Happy birthday big sister,
May the years continue to be kind,
Greetings from your little brudder,
Blessed for your also a friend of mine.

May God sweetly bless you,
His presence forever be near,
If you ever need a helping hand,
Just know little brudder is here.

I heard today was your birthday
There's a few words I'd like to say.
I find a gentle spirit in you
A sweet friend you are too.

I wish for you the very best
With your friendship I am blest.
It's a perfect day for me to say
"Happy Birthday!"

Some sweet wonderful person
I heard is having a birthday
So have a Happy Birthday sweetie
Sure glad you are a friend of mine

It means so much to have you,
For a very special friend
Your caring ways and thoughtfulness
Just seem to have no end.

I wish the very best for you,
In whatever you may do.
Know that I will be a friend
That will always care for you.

I just could not let this day pass,
Without wishing you happy birthday.
I hope you have the best day yet.
May God send blessings your way.

Blow out the birthday candles.
How many did you say?
So what if you're getting 'Younger,'
Take time to have fun today!

We love you and wish God's blessings.
On this, your special day.
May the Son shine on you brightly,
Bringing laughter and joy your way.


Sondra, SouthBreeze, Donna, Tina,
Melva, Marie, Gayle And Jimmy


Music: "Happy Birthday "
Bob Mace Midi Page
Sequenced By: Bob Mace
Used With Permission