~An Hour With You~


I wondered aimlessly,
Day to day, without reason,
I found no purpose in life,
Like a world without seasons,

No day seemed different to me,
Each filled with worldly endeavors,
I had no master to serve,
I knew not, the wonderful Savior.

One night as I lay awake,
Tossing and turning in bed,
My mind was frantically racing,
Unwanted thoughts crowded my head.

I remembered when I was young,
Taking turns the Bible we read,
All about a loving Savior,
How for all our sins He bled.

I recall wondering why,
Someone so long ago,
Would give His life for me,
Yet He loved me so.

Suddenly I was sobbing,
Remorse overcame my soul,
I cried out to sweet Jesus,
My pleading was strong and bold.

Take my hand precious Jesus,
Lead, I will follow your way,
I give you my heart Lord,
"By the blood", I'm yours today.

Tears down my face cascade,
Forceful like a great waterfall,
I love you my wonderful Savior,
Hallelujah, I give you my all.

Thank you, Jesus for loving a sinner like me.

Gayle Davisİ
May 22, 2005



Music: "I Praise You, My Father"

By: Elton Smith and Larry Holder
Used With Permission