~An Hour With You~


Hair, hair everywhere but on my head it seems...
Hair wafting thru' the air-a Charlotte's Webby dream.
Tell me whence comes all this hair,
It's on the back of every chair.

I look at him, he has his share,
And she has more than enough to spare,...
And I deem this is not fair!
I think I'm gonna scream!

In youth, thick, flowing tresses are there,
In blithely brushing our luxuriant hair..
Of the aging processes we're unaware...
Life is a lovely day dream.

I think to mature, you learn to care
And find that to realize a dream is rare..
And as our brain grows, it pushes out hair......
I think I see a gleam......Ponder this......

If when a person loses their hair......
Their Intelligence Quotient becomes very rare......
The vicious circle comes full square......
And "BALDY" reigns supreme!!!

Betty C. Danielsİ
Written 10/16/94
For my very intelligent brothers......Betty

Artwork:  Maid with Golden Hair
by Lord Frederick Leighton

Color Scroll Bar Script
  Courtesy of:

Music: "Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms"
Taylor's Traditional Tunebook
Sequenced By: Barry Taylor.
Used With Permission