~An Hour With You~

Guardian Angel In Blue

She must be my Guardian Angel
For I see her every where I go
Her kindness and gentleness
I feel blowing in the morning air

For she is a my special friend
From my Holy Father up above
For I know my Father, knew I needed
Someone to remind me, God is always near

I can always feel the love that radiates
From my beautiful Guardian Angel in Blue
For she fills my heart and soul
With protection and unconditional love

When I am scared, sad or lonely
She always reaches out to me
With her gentleness and her love
Giving me safety in abundance

When life gives me a tumble
And I feel lost and alone
Itís nice to know she is with me
That I will never ever, ever be alone

Sometimes when I am praying
I feel her heavenly breath upon my cheek
Or she comes and strokes my hair
Letting me know she loved me

From the very first day I was born
Promising she will never leave me alone
For God sent her to protect me always
Until the day, when he will bring me home

Donna Kramer
May 24, 2005





Music: As I Gaze At The Stars

By: Tim Barber
Permission Granted


Assembled by: Donna