~ An Hour With You~


I have a beautiful Granny,
She has a red and green cuddle blanket,
My Granny lets me cuddle with it,
Whenever I take my afternoon nap.

Granny lets me hold it tight,
She tells me there is love sewn inside,
So I always need to hold my Grannyís,
Pretty, pretty cuddle blanket very tight.

I know Iím very little,
Iím only one year old, you see,
But I know when I feel love!!,
Itís when Granny, is by my side.

So every afternoon, when I go to nap,
I thank God for my beautiful Granny,
Her beautiful cuddle blanket,
But most of all the love, my Granny,
Always has time to share with me.

So Granny, I hope you know I love you,
And just how very special you are to me,
Cause youíre my beautiful Granny,
Godís very special gift to me.

From Eric to Granny Gayle
I love you beary much!!

Written By Eric's Angel©















Music: "Lullaby And Goodnight"
Sequenced By: Grandpa Schober
Used With Permission