~An Hour With You~

What a thrill it would be
To take that path again
To Grandma's house by the Sea
And visit.... like we did then

Grandma's kitty would be right there
Sitting on her mat, by the door
With Apples piled in bushels......
Scattered around the kitchen floor

We'd sit upon her wooden bench
Gazing for a while, at the Sea
Then she'd pick a bouquet of flowers
To take along with me.....

I can almost see her waving
And Blowing a kiss "Goodbye"
These memories I've been saving
With a smile, a tear and a sigh

For I know the place where she is
Has greater beauty....By far
I know her face is beaming
Like a bright and shining star

I don't know when it will be...
I'll see Grandma's face once again
For now, I'll remember her house by the Sea
Enjoying my memories, now and then

Judith Johnson Kypta
Copyright 2005

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Music: "the Way We Were"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission