~An Hour With You~



Gone to a new home in heaven,
Now where the angels have trod,
Gone to be with his Master,
Gone to the glory of God.

We will strongly miss you,
And your gentle caring way,
The smile you always had with you,
To brighten someone's day.

Stars are needed in heaven,
And one more had to go,
To help prepare the mansion,
That waits for us in gold.

But we will always keep you close,
In the center of out heart,
Until the day we meet again,
Never more to part.

Ann Hart©
Dec. 19th, 2001
NFLD, Canada

Copyright of Lil Kitty, 2000-2005.
Floater java script courtesy of Dynamic Drive.

Music: "Our Song of Victory"

Words and Music by Lawrence Keith Holder.
Copyright © 1992 & Original MIDI (P)
1996 Lawrence Keith Holder
Used With Permission