~ An Hour With You~

In your gardenís hopes and sweet dreams,
I wish you true love for this Spring,
May your heart flower in bright bloom,
When Godís chosen one He does bring.

May your heartís desire become real,
And complete the blossom of you,
May love star bright as the moon beams,
In gardenís hopes and dreams you view.

I wish you love so beautiful,
Forever bedazzling your eyes,
Since Godís moon and stars touched your heart,
May gardenís hopes and dreams surprise.

May you have the glory of love,
The kind that God blesses with joy,
Loveís little bundles of bouquets,
Gardenís hopes and dreams girl and boy.

I wish you love and happiness,
The sweetest gems lifeís treasures bring,
From Godís heart to yours He sends love,
May gardenís hopes and dreams eíer cling.

May you always share one true love,
Eyes eíer speaking volumes promised,
Heavenís moon and stars eíer shining,
In gardenís hopes and dreams once kissed.

©Sondra McPherson
March 22, 2005




Music: "Through The Eyes Of Love"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission