~ An Hour With You~



God's love is forever beyond this life,
It grows through all eternity,
It never grows old, or will never decay,
Because He paid the pardon for me.

A love so precious and so divine,
So full of mercy is His love,
He gives a peace to last forever,
As like the snow white dove,

His love passes all understanding,
His heart is so pure and kind.
Never could a person ever know,
The depth of a love so fine.

His compassion has melted many hearts,
Thatís once held sin and shame,
Because He was willing to die on a cross,
And for us, He took all the blame.

Yes His love will forever be beyond,
What any mortal man can give,
And He promised to be by our side forever
In this world as long as we live.

Then itís only the beginning for us,
When we arrive in that beautiful land,
That gives us the peace and joy forever,
More than we will ever understand.

Ann Hart©
Oct 28th 2004.

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Music: "It Is No Secret"
Dick Anderson's Country Midi Guitar
Sequenced By: Dick Anderson
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