~ An Hour With You~

"Girl's Afternoon" by Andres Orpinas courtesy of Art.Com


There is a field of sunshine,
Waiting just around the bend,
Its earthly beauty is calling to me,
It is also beckoning my friend.

Hastily I race along the trail,
Eager to greet my happy friend,
I know that she is approaching too,
Her laughter carries in the wind.

Plainly now I see her enter,
The field of sunshine's open gate,
Soon now I will meet her,
I do not have to stand in wait.

We run along the rows,
Of wild flowers in every hue,
Dancing Brown Eyed Susans,
Cornflowers in pretty blue.

Laughter fills the warm air,
As happily we run and play,
Friend to friend's loving hearts,
Friendships e'er binding today.

Love and happiness e'er shared,
Through the gift of a friend,
No other place is as grand,
As friendship's heart we wend.

Gayle Davis
March 26, 2005

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Music: "Fields Of Sunshine"

Composed by: Bill Sandy - Mystifying Music
Copyright 2002 - All Rights Reserved
Used With Permission