~An Hour With You~


Far Away Friends

Far away friends
Are so very, very special
Their hearts are so filled with love
They listen to your every problem

All your heartache and your pain
They laugh with you when happy
Cry with you when youíre sad
Stand always right beside you
Through all the good and bad

So if you want a good chuckle
Or if you need a laugh or two
E-mail your special far away friends
Always there to share a laugh with you

But if you are sad and lonely
Need someone to lift you up
Donít forget your special friends
Just waiting for you on the net

For far away friends
Are so very marvelously special
They never ever judge you
Always love you just for who you are

God must have put some earth angels
Upon this high tech internet
For I have met some wonderful angels
Which are my wonderful Earth Angel Friends

©Donna Kramer
April 11, 2005







Designed By:

Heavenly Angel

Music: "A Beautiful Friendship"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Granted



Assembled By: Donna