~ An Hour With You~


Look deep into my eyes,
They are the window to my soul,
They hide joys and pain,
Such are the memories I hold.

Do you see the birth of a child,
Or a mother laid to rest,
Do you glimpse flowering bouquets,
Or a grandparent's bequest?

Can you see elation within,
Ofttimes overshadowed with pain,
A flicker of hope leaping into flame,
Then being doused into darkness again?

Look deeper to see the yearnings,
Of a first and innocent love,
Clouded by the hurtful rejection,
Returning the broken heart thereof.

Do you reach into the soul,
To see what you find there,
Do you see a world that's void,
And of life there's not a care?

Can you see the desire,
Of a longing heart reaching,
Verity and true love yet to find,
Though it is continually seeking.

Look for compassion inside me,
It is there for all to unveil,
Yet those existing around me,
Show feelings proven surreal.

Do you turn a blind eye,
To the unvarnished needs,
Pretending they do not exist,
When in desperation I plead.

Can you see the time in life,
When I cried out to a King,
How He wiped away all sin,
Do you see the comfort it brings?

Look close at the things you see inside,
When through my eyes you peer,
I hope the easiest for you to behold,
Will be Christ's divine love e'er so dear.

Gayle Davisİ
March 29, 2005

Music: "Visions"
Composed and Sequenced
By Andy Klapwyk
Used With Permission